From Rejected to Resilient

No not right now…

No, but maybe later…

No, I can’t pay that right now?…

Can you do it for free?…

Do these words sound familiar? If you’ve answered yes, it may be because business start-ups and entrepreneurs hear it daily. It’s the facts of business life! Hearing those words over and over again can really take a toll on your mental state of mind, especially when you’re trying to stay focused and motivated to grow your business.  Many of us have been taught in sales training classes or by trusted advisors that rejection is part of the game, yet it still can make you question your abilities as an entrepreneur. So how do you stay in the fight without feeling defeated every time rejection rears its ugly head?

Let’s first understand the realities of rejection:

1) Everyone is not interested in buying your product or service.

2) When a client or customer says no, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a permanent decision.

3) It’s possible that your prospects didn’t understand your services or how your product could benefit them

4) Your elevator pitch could use a little work or maybe a lot of work (Have you ever asked an entrepreneur what they do and you’re still confused afterwards?)

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The Art of Delegation

The life of a entrepreneur appears glamorous on the outside, but is very cluttered with things to get done behind the scenes. When thinking of my own consulting practice, I often have appointments with new prospects, while maintaining my relationships with old clients. I also have to ensure that work is being done properly on current projects and manage the marketing/promotions function for the company. I also have to conduct some research for the upcoming initiatives that I want the company to address while making time to prepare for my next training and facilitation session. This usually involves paying attention to details around the contents of the topic. I’ll also have to make sure that I coordinate my travel schedule properly so I don’t get stuck in an airport due to my own stupidity. Oh, and I can’t forget to pay the bills along with the other accounting responsibilities, especially payroll (you’ll get murdered if you don’t pay your people.).

In other words, there are many moving parts in a business when it’s in full swing. Therefore, it’s important that a business owner spends their time in the parts of the business that are the most important while delegating the other parts to those who often could do a better job than the owner. The key to effective delegation is to first understanding what parts of the business is better off being delegated to other members of the team and what parts should be reserved for you as the owner. For example, I know of a marketing business that staffs close to 50 employees in which the owner is the only one who is responsible for the sales function. It’s not because it couldn’t be delegated, but the owner felt more comfortable handling the sales responsibility. 

So how do you identify what parts of your business you should delegate to others? Follow these tips below:

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The Futurepreneur Book Review “Never Get a Real Job”

Never Get a Real Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business, and Not Go Broke by Scott Gerber is an amazing, in your face, no nonsense, and untraditional book that will make you think twice about how to start and run a business. Gerber is the founder and CEO of Gerber Enterprises, an entrepreneurial incubator for early and mid-stage companies. In this book, he doesn’t bite his tongue or sugar-coat any realities of what he calls the “broken promise” of working hard, getting good grades, going to college and getting a “real job”.  Make no mistake, he makes it quite clear that he won’t conform to the traditional 9-to-5 system and encourages entrepreneurship as a way to learn how to master independence with no limits or boundaries.

The introduction of the book is written very boldly as he shares what you will learn and quickly eliminates readers who are too afraid to go against the masses.  He notes “This book helps you become a person unafraid to fail even when conventional wisdom would say to play it safe. Above all, it will teach you that entrepreneurship isn’t just about what  you know, what you do well, or even who you know-but rather, whether you can execute effectively and make things happen. Some people get it; most people don’t. This book teaches you how to get it”.

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